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Building Waste Removal Milton Keynes

At Waste company, we provide building waste removal to companies, tradesmen and to the general public.  We can remove waste at the rip-out point and return to the site on completion of the work to clean up.  Our professional crews eliminate the waste from anywhere on your premises and load it on one of our trucks.  We then legally and ethically dispose of waste at a transfer station, which diverts up to 90 percent from landfill. 

 Imagine if my builder has finished his work and left all the construction waste behind?

 The expense of construction waste disposal for all tradesmen is on the increase.  Subsequently, in such a competitive market this cost is normally the first thing knocked off the price.   We supply an efficient remedy to remove and get rid of all sorts of waste from anywhere in your premises.

John has been using Waste company on renovation jobs for several years.  Usually on clearances where a skip was not an alternative.  Here, for example, we cleared waste from a complete bedroom plus ensuite fit-out in knutsford.  The fitter had to leave the waste in the backyard as access was tough without a driveway.  As a result one of our committed, local crap removal crews worked hard to clean the waste in a timely fashion.  We operate carefully to honor the client ‘s property at all times.  At the conclusion of every clearance we sweep leaving the area spotlessly the longest recognized rubbish removal business in the region, we provide an outstanding service to our customers, whatever your situation and no matter what the nature of your waste.  

We can arrange same day collections for all types of rubbish, waste and junk.  Our costs include all labour and waste transport costs.  If you wish to receive more info on our solutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01908 465 290 and let our family help yours.

Why choose waste company for building waste removal? 

We clear the wreck, which makes one to do what you do best!

We allow you to take on any construction project, by assisting with waste elimination we recycle over 90% of the waste we collect!

Reliable, friendly staff with more than 20 years expertise well do all of the heavy lifting, leaving one to get on with the job. a fully licensed waste carrier chas registered and guaranteed vat invoice on completion of your job. some town centers or built up places don’t have the space for skip delivery.  Save irritating the neighbours with piles of crap and give us a call to take care of it quickly and efficiently!  We can also eliminate plasterboard and other waste which bypass companies can take.  Get in touch with us today to learn more.

What’s bulky waste?

Bulky waste is any waste that requires more than one person to lift that is not created as part of your overall business activities.  Examples of bulky waste include contractors ‘ waste, garden waste, old office furniture and obsolete computer equipment.

But companies still have an obligation for disposing of such waste in line with strict environmental regulations.

Trade waste can arrange one-off bulky waste collections across the uk.  We have partnered with a select group of waste removal contractors who are licensed to collect and recycle all types of bulky waste, including hazardous waste, builders’ waste, plastics, glass and obsolete electrical equipment.

Types of bulky waste we collect…

we can arrange for the collection and disposal of the following kinds of bulky waste nationally:

Contractors ‘ waste

garden waste



washing machines



old signage

old kitchens/bathrooms

waste lumber waste metal

waste glass

Why choose Waste to remove your bulky waste?

Speedy collection: we only need 48 hrs notice to organize collection for bulky waste items.  In some cases, we might even have the ability to organize a collection the same day.  Get in touch with us today and we’ll supply you with a free estimate to remove all your bulky waste material.

Professional support: We provide professional service waste removal and recycling services across the united kingdom.  We only use licensed builders and execute due diligence on our partners to make sure they possess the required licenses to recycle and remove all kinds of waste safely.

High recycling percentage: we are pleased with our 85% recycling rate for bulky waste.  But we have a long way to go.  So over the next five years, we are working to decrease the amount of waste delivered to landfill by recycling 99% of all the waste we collect.

Licensed contractors: we only use licensed contractors to remove bulky waste materials.  This ensures that your waste is collected and disposed of in accord with rigorous environmental regulations.  Additionally, it ensures we can offer you with a waste transfer note for your own records.

Fully insured: Our waste removal contractors have united liability insurance that provides employers liability, public liability and product liability coverage.  This gives you peace of mind that you are guarded from the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Nationwide collections accessible: we can organize bulky waste collections across the united kingdom.  This gives you a single point of contact for most bulky waste removal solutions.  This is very useful if you are handling a nationally office/retail refurbishment project.

Collections arranged to satisfy you: collections can be timed through the day to suit the needs of your company.  This can be an important factor if you are operating in a restricted zone such as a pedestrianised precinct where vehicle access is restricted during office hours.

Free waste transfer notes provided with every collection: finally and above all, we supply free waste transfer notes to our clients.  You’ve got a legal obligation to acquire a waste transfer note for all waste collections.  Some companies charge for this service, but we offer them free of charge.

What happens to a bulky waste after collection?

Knowing what happens to a waste after collection is a significant consideration when choosing a waste removal contractor.  At waste we’ve developed the following three-step disposal procedure.


This really is the most environmentally friendly alternative.  If your waste can be reused by someone else we’ll arrange for it to be collected until being refurbished.  This is very helpful for items such as office furniture and electrical equipment.  For this reason, we urge that all sensitive information is eliminated from computer equipment before disposal.


Items that cannot be reused are sent for recycling.  We have partnered with recycling centers across the uk to form and recycle all kinds of waste.  Timber is turned into woodchip, gypsum to fertiliser and cardboard is pulped before being reformulated into paper and packaging.


Any waste that cannot be either reused or recycled is sent to landfill.  Currently, just 15 percent of the waste we remove ends up in a landfill site.  But as part of our dedication to developing an environmentally sustainable economy, we are focusing on processes to decrease this to zero in the following five years. 

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