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Construction management system Milton Keynes

Construction management system (bms) and controls projects and updates could change your buildings energy intake. Are your building’s energy prices escalating out of control?  Our construction management systems (bms) can help you take back control.  So that you can cut back energy, prices and carbon and operate a greener, more sustainable building.

How do we help?

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A bms can control 60-80percent of your building’s energy intake.  But installing, updating and managing a bms system in house can pose a challenge concerning system compatibility, interoperability and how the system is operated.  Our bms and controllers specialists will guarantee that the system is fit for purpose, is operating as designed, and is optimised and maintained just as it should be.

We can look after your bms project from start to finish.  Our specialists can select the best products with the latest bms energy-saving technology for new builds, refurbishments and system updates.  Whether it’s a standalone, pre-programmed bms or a multi-building system with multiple control interfaces working over ethernet or fibre optic lans, our experts can tailor a dependable, cost-effective alternative.  All whilst ensuring minimum disruption to your own people, services and operations.

Our Milton Keynes bms solutions cover:

  • system and audit specification
  • design and engineering
  • management panel manufacture
  • programming, installation and commissioning
  • comprehensive handover and training

We could even optimise and update controls such as:

  • heating systems, such as pumps and boilers venting and air handling
  • chilled heating and cooling systems
  • light to save much more about building energy prices, 
  • We also have an advanced hubgrade smart tracking service.  

This will provide you access to bms data analytics via an intuitive dashboard that you could use to make educated decisions concerning where and when to save energy.

How do we create value for you personally?

Together with our bms and controls solutions, your facilities staff can take back control and reevaluate your building’s energy usage.  This means you can save energy and costs, while enhancing the overall efficiency and carbon footprint of your own operations.  And in the face of the present climate emergency, that could make a world of difference.

Building Lighting Waste Management Milton Keynes

Inefficient lighting doesn’t just lead to higher energy bills; a poorly-lit surroundings may also have an effect on staff productivity and satisfaction.   Whether it’s an office building, school or industrial procedure hall, our lighting experts will design and install a fit-for-purpose solution that’s tailored to your precise requirements.  We may also recommend and install state-of-the-art lighting controls with high-end trim that will help you save much more energy.

Our led lighting alternatives will:

  • save on energy use and lighting prices provide better quality, consistent light with superior colour rendering
  • reduce maintenance costs as a result of a long and reliable lifetime
  • decrease your carbon footprint

Include innovative control systems and you can save much more energy via:

  • presence detection and motion sensors
  • demand-controlled dimming (determined by time of day)
  • daylight harvesting
  • automatic window shades and blinds

We’ll also make sure that your lighting upgrade is planned to prevent any disruption to your core tasks.

How do we create value for you?

Our directed lighting and lighting management solutions will help you increase energy savings while creating an environment that is better when you use your possessions.  In fact, the ideal light was demonstrated to boost concentration and productivity, as well as have a positive effect on general health and well-being.  So you may look forward to a brighter workforce also.

Optimise your energy use improve staff satisfaction and productivity reduce maintenance costs 

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