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General waste collections Milton Keynes

Overall, general waste is anything which can’t be recycled easily.  It is the residual rubbish that every business produces.  General waste doesn’t include medical waste, hazardous substances or substances.

Waste Bin Sizes Milton Keynes

A 360 litre wheelie bin will hold around eight normal bin bags of rubbish.  660 litre bins and 1100 litre capacity bins are suitable for larger general waste needs.

Amalgamated recycling mixed recycling bins are for paper, plastic, and metal cans which can be collected from one bin and removed to be recycled.

The majority of waste created by commercial companies in the west midlands can be recycled.  Roughly half a million tonnes of plastic is lost from the commercial and industrial businesses in the region, of which much can be recycled.

Waste company provides standard sized wheeled bins for your mixed recycling collections in 360 litre, 660 litre, and 1100 litre sizes.

Cardboard recycling Milton Keynes

cardboard can be stored separately from other types of recycling waste.  Over two thirds of cardboard absorbed by companies may be recycled.

 We also provide balers for larger companies and people who have a large amount of cardboard.  Balers can significantly lower waste costs by conserving space and diminishing the frequency of collections from websites like warehouses and factories.

Cardboard is fed to the baler and compacted.  The resulting bale is tied off ready for storage.  Balers are available in various sizes.  A typical baler takes up the same footprint as an 1100 litre bin.

Commercial food waste Milton Keynes

Nearly a quarter of waste created by the United Kingdom hospitality and catering industry consists of food.  Birmingham includes a diverse food industry with leading manufacturers, catering services, retail supplies and ethnically diverse cuisine.

Much food waste is unavoidable.  Food manufacturing procedures, food preparation and cooking, and leftover food from diners and clients creates waste which cannot be prevented.  Yet a lot of our food waste simply goes in overall bins.  When put in blended recycling bins, the contents become contaminated.

A better method is to organize for separate food waste collections.  From here, food waste can be turned into energy and fertiliser.

Waste company supplies food waste bins in 240 litre sizes which are excellent for food outlets in addition to commercial kitchens.

A food waste bin can be also a fantastic idea for some other types of companies such as offices where plate scrapings and lost sandwiches, vegetables and fruit can be collected from workers.

Glass Recycling Milton Keynes

Almost all glass can be readily recycled.  Glass is a near perfect circular market because everything consumed may be recycled for reuse.  A good deal of glass still needlessly ends up in garbage.

Waste company provide glass refuse bins in 240 litre and 360 litre capacities.

Glass recycling solutions are vital for companies like bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants and other commercial premises.  Most workplaces create a glass waste from workers swallowing food and drink from glass jars and bottles.

Prepaid waste bags Milton Keynes

Prepaid sacks allow commercial customers to purchase a particular number to store waste and place out for collection.  The cost of each prepaid waste bag comprises the price of the bag, bag shipping, collection and disposal.

Green & construction waste Milton Keynes

Green waste is from plants, trees, weeds, grass and leaves and is produced in large quantities by gardening, landscaping, tree pruning or plot clearance companies.  Green waste can be taken to expert sites to generate compost for future usage.

Construction waste includes concrete, asphalt, stone, hardcore, brick, rubble and particular types of soil.  Up to a staggering 60% of waste produced by uk industries can be classed as building waste, but up to 90% can be retrieved for new uses.

Waste company provide storage facilities for all manner of green and construction waste and may collect to a contract or one-off foundation.

Clinical waste & washrooms Milton Keynes

The law says that clinical waste must be disposed of with respect to ecological and public health considerations.

A surprising number of companies create clinical waste.  Medical facilities would be the obvious producer of clinical waste but so also do tattooists, beauty salons, piercing parlours, other therapists, care homes, health care surgeries.

Anybody who creates clinical waste needs to arrange for expert storage and collection facilities.  Waste company may organize this for you.

Washroom waste includes items such as used sanitary pads, paper towels and nappies which must be disposed of, handled and stored with the utmost caution within the bounds of strict laws.  Waste company provide washroom services throughout Milton Keynes and it surrounds.

Sharps include hypodermic needles, tattoo wants, syringes and lancets, scissors and blades.

Sharps must be disposed of and stored into particular yellow containers with a sealed lid which meet specific regulations.  A seasoned contractor such as waste company must collect them then arrange for disposal.

Poisonous waste Milton Keynes

Since 2004 it has been illegal to combine hazardous and non-hazardous waste during storage and disposal procedures.

Waste company is a certified hazardous waste disposal company in birmingham.  We give collections of aerosols, batteries, solvent, paint, and waste petroleum in the region and can advise on the best way to shop, segregate and dispose of hazardous waste.

How do we help?

An estimated seven million tonnes of waste is made from the west midlands by commercial and industrial companies each year.

That would fill 200,000 refuse trucks, the equivalent of almost 600 collections every day.

Waste and recycling in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is one of the UK’s most economical economic hubs and the 44,000 companies in town are served by an integrated network of waste management solutions.

We utilize Milton Keynes companies to fulfill their particular waste management goals as well as those of national and local policy.

 We discuss that vision and can assist organisations contribute to achieving ambitious targets which may protect the environment and maintain their particular green credentials.

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We’re one of the uk’s fastest growing commercial waste companies.

Using a nationwide presence, waste company provides 24/7 integrated waste solutions to companies large and small, offering:contract and bespoke commercial waste collection solutions

all types of industrial waste accumulated visibility in collection times and frequency

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flexible waste storage alternatives provided free of cost — you just pay for collection. We will help you understand your legal obligations for waste.  This includes what can be disposed of and the way, how waste should be stored, and what paperwork must be completed.why pick waste company for your birmingham waste disposal services?

Commercial waste storage and disposal is a complex and costly operation for companies large and small.  Getting waste disposal wrong and damaging to reputation with the risk of breaching legislation.

At waste company we recognise that waste disposal is not your core business.  That’s why it’s ours.  We supply a complete waste solution which allows you to concentrate on those procedures which add value to your enterprise.

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