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Medical Waste Milton Keynes

Sharps, dental waste, x-ray waste, pharmaceuticals, and controlled medications every have their challenges.  At waste company, we have a safe, cost effective alternative.  Not only about the bigger picture of shielding the planet, but about assisting you with the everyday challenges of superior waste management.

As experts in our field, having provided hassle-free clinical waste collection, disposal and recovery solutions for more than 35 years, we could confidently offer you affordable waste management services that are as good for your organisation as they are for the environment; underpinned by rapid response times, value for money and excellent customer support, these being our main priorities.  

Medical Waste Landfill Diversion Milton Keynes

To ensure you get more from your clinical waste management support, and maintain more waste from landfill, we provide:12 accredited service centres around the uk — national coverage!

Over 200 collection vehicles — fast response time, each single time trained drivers — green support when handling clinical or hazardous waste

online control — 24 hour accessibility and monitoring competitive pricing — we cut prices as well as waste!at waste company we really do care!

So, if you need someone to look after your clinical waste, talk to waste company.

Delivering efficiencies in waste Milton Keynes

Energy and water for healthcare customers with deficit levels at their highest in nhs history, now more than ever hospitals need to strike the ideal balance between handling costs and efficiencies, while still providing a high degree of patient care.  By continuously improving waste, energy and water management, additional resources could be identified and recovered for hospitals throughout the united kingdom.

Finding approaches to plug the funding gap

The healthcare sector needs cheap, long-term solutions which could provide efficiencies and optimise functionality with transparent reporting to demonstrate the actual value, in both carbon and financial stipulations.

Continuously adding value

We associate with healthcare clients to ensure business continuity via a safe, quality supply of services and utilities.  We continuously improve energy, water and waste management, recovering and identifying additional resources for hospitals.creating the ideal solutions which benefit the bottom line.

We specialise in assisting hospitals run big, complicated and energy-hungry facilities.  We help them to significantly reduce the expense of generating electricity and heat, in addition to meeting ever more stringent carbon emissions reduction targets.

Price savings of 33 million throughout all of our hospital contracts each year, cutting co2by 114,311 tonnesthe savings we’ll make are instantaneous and very significant allowing us to tackle 1.3 million in backlog maintenance to our heating and hot water supply systems.  In a time once the faith has had to make considerable financial savings, whilst maintaining high quality medical attention, this job does tick all of the boxes.

We work with over 100 uk hospitals, supplying services to the medical sector since 1966, helping organisations divert more resources back into frontline services and caring for individuals.

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