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WEEE Waste Management Milton Keynes

Weee waste disposal simple and compliant electronic waste alternatives. A relatively new waste stream, waste electric and electronics (weee) waste boosts compliant segregation, transport, disposal and recovery of both electrical and electronic items.

Weee waste is easily identifiable as anything with a plug or a battery.  Our staff will fulfill your compliance requirements by helping you navigate the weee regulations of 2013 which provide clear overview that failure to obey the weee waste regulations may result in a fine.whether you are a hospital, a gp, or personal health clinic, you will have electronic waste that must be disposed of properly with a trusted total waste management partner. Each personalised plan with our clients begins with an onsite audit that ends in a catalog of electrical items.  We understand how daunting managing some waste flows can be, so we want to assist in any way possible.   

How do We Handle WEEE? 

Like all waste flows that waste company handles, our commitment is to utilise the most environmental processing and therapy methods attainable and, where possible, recycling.  By utilising sustainable procedures, laptops and apparatus can be re-used rather than being disposed of , together with each bit of gear processed through specialist software to ensure data destruction.  Through our secure transport and waste processing, we provide complete traceability and responsibility of any collections and consignments, which means that your documents are maintained.  

That which we can provide in weee waste management:

  • substantial cost savings
  • improved compliance, avoidance of fines and realisation of applicable rebates assurance of irretrievability and certificates of destruction
  • battery boxes, weee boxes and big collection bins

Waste Management in Walk in Centres Milton Keynes

With security as our principal driver, we believe that infection minimisation in walk-in centers is a necessary priority.  Our whole waste control systems have been clinically designed and engineered to protect users in the disposal of sharps, pharmaceuticals, and clinical waste.clinical waste disposal is so much more than an orange tote, we believe that safety in clinical waste management should be redefined.the waste company team is committed to reviewing your waste control program and working to improve efficiency and safety in every facet of your process.  Walk-in centers have especially benefited from our audit smart kpi management program.  Through several optional audit kinds, we could provide feedback on how best to improve waste segregation with photographic dissemination, and a summary of site-customised methods to lower total costs.  Among the key causes of waste-associated price inflation is poor segregation — and we aim to fix that for all our customers.  

By providing instruction on correct waste segregation and point-of-use options for segregation in the point of waste generation,we also minimise the quantity of waste going to landfill and lower your carbon footprint.

As a whole waste management spouse with over 30 years experience in healthcare, waste company has the options, compliance and licensing expertise to defend the safety risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of walk-in centers.  We deliver expert waste containment and services, transportation scheduling, education and compliance; all customised to your healthcare facility’s needs.  At the waste company we service all types of walk-in centres from urgent care to minor injury units, with our product offerings, service frequencies and medical aid options developed to perfectly complement each facility we utilize.

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